the season for love is fast approaching...

Well 2009 came in with a heavy blank canvas of snow, inaugurating the start of another creative year. I've been fortunate enough to reserve a table at the upcoming craft sale, Saturday February 7th, and have been crafting like crazy since New Years has past

I'm quite excited, the lovely miss Stephanie Nairn and I will be sharing a table as we display and sell our latest creations. Stephanie's line of jewelry and accessories, "Devilish," is highly influenced by retro pin-up art and cinema, featuring whimsical 40 & 50's icons and imagery. We will certainly have an interesting variety of crafts for all to peruse, that is for sure!

Since the craft fair is a week before Valentines I thought how lovely it would be to make special Valentines critters. Taking inspiration from Canadian musician, Born Ruffians, I have started creating little foxes to go along with their quote "foxes mate for love because they're in love."

A long time fan of the little rusty coloured critters, I'm just head over heels with my new fuzzy foxy fellas. Also I have some very special owl'n'pussycat couples I'm working on as well as a few grizzlies to cuddle with too!

Getting a little sore and cramped from the continuous stitching, and suffering a little scissor withdraw since the completion of the YES!+ 2009 calendar, I've started the first of a series of Valentines inspired quotes/portraits.

My first quote comes from the always inspirational Voltaire. This quote seems to be stirring up some additional creative juices... the wheels are turning, visions of brightly coloured felt, stone, feathers and twigs - let's see what happens...

Here's to 2009 being absolutely divine!

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Paton said...

Nice foxes. Looking forward to seeing your show. Take care.