Multitasking Wool Cuffs

I recently had a request from members of the Halifax School Board to craft some recycled wool cuffs to help keep their tea and coffee hot while they educate our youth.

Well I just can't help it, I have to make everything as versatile as possible, so all of my coffee cuffs also double as wrist warmers, for when you're not sipping on a brew.

Coffee Cuffs will be available soon in a staff room near you... HRM that is :)


Zine Fair Tomorrow!

I'm taking a  quick break before I pack up the giant pink suitcase and head into the big city for Pop Explosion and the Zine Fair tomorrow.

This will be my third year participating in the highly visual and audio art event. In fact, the Zine Fair was my very first craft show ever, so I guess I'm celebrating my 3 year anniversary as a professional artist... well, trying to be a professional artist at least :)

One of my favorite things about doing the craft shows is setting up my display. This show I'll be breaking out my newest Woodland Wool display - the paints barely even dry! I've put together some new postcard packs and a slew of fresh magnets, and I'm also packing a nice selection of  "Pretty Things Merch" necklaces and a few brooches.

I hope to see a large and lively crowd there tomorrow, where I hope to trade, and of course sell, some fabulous art!


Opening this week at the FEAG: David Howells


Some Pre Nocturne Posting

Seeing as I won't be in town for Nocturne, I thought I'd get a bit of postering done while I was in the big city.

For those of you in Halifax this weekend I encourage you to make your way out and partake in Halifax's own Art at night festival... and while you're at it keep an eye out for a few loose chickens!


I have to admit I was quite disappointed to find I had conflicting events in my schedule ruling out a night in the city exploring Nocturne.  I may not be able to be there to take in the sights, but I'll definitely be continuing my contribution to the urban chicken campaign this weekend as we travel to Cape Breton for the wedding of my dear friend Trish.

For more stories about local Haligonians fighting for their right to include chickens as a part of their house holds here's an article on local entrepreneur Fred Connors:

'It makes absolutely no sense that we would have a mayor who would not actively encourage people to take responsibility for their own food supply.'—Fred Connors

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/nova-scotia/story/2010/07/23/ns-halifax-urban-chickens.html#ixzz12SJcT08v

Look for more wild chickens and some autumn leaves next week, till then get out and enjoy some Art!


Room for Forgiveness

I recently saw a piece on CNN about Julian Lennon's  debut photography exhibit, a tribute to his musician father John.

The opening brought together his mother Cynthia and Step-mother Yoko Ono, who surprised everyone with an embrace, somewhat overshadowing Julian's spotlight.

In his interview CNN Anchor John Roberts asked the Artist about whether or not  Mark David Chapman, his father's killer, should be released from incarceration?

Keeping his opinions to him self Juliane offered that "every heart has room for forgiveness" - which was especially evident this evening with the reunion of the Lennon family.

Happy 70th birthday John!