A Drifting Mind

Finding it difficult to get much done today, mind constantly drifting back to yesterday's encounter.

There are some sounds you hope to never hear in life, the sound of someone's life potentially being altered forever. 

I've heard this sound twice now. 

The fist time it started with a loud crack and then the ground shook a few times before all was still.

Yesterday it was a screech, followed by the snap and crunch of metal and plastic and a large crash of metal on pavement.

Both times I've heard these unnatural noises I've felt myself instantly engulfed in a blanket of dread... was I about to encounter a dead body?

Miraculously the first accident, a jeep taking the turn too quickly, over compensating and then taking out the neighbour's 30 year maple and about 75% of a forsythia before rolling across our property and settling, upside down, just between ours and the neighbour's wells. 

As I approached I could hear the sound of liquid pouring out from the vehicle, relieved when I saw it was house paint and booze. I momentarily had visions of the whole thing exploding like in the movies, luckily my train of thought was interrupted by a shoe-less man emerging from the vehicle. After asking if he was ok and letting him know that Bryan was inside calling 911 he promptly started rooting around the vehicle, collected what looked like some rum and beer and then he took off down the road in his sock feet. I tried to follow his direction but it wasn't long before the giant emblem of the Zig Zag man printed on the back of his hoodie disappeared into the darkness.

Yesterday while visiting with Darren Porter, collecting research on the species that inhabit the Avon River for a new exhibit at the museum, we heard that tell tale sound again. One wrong move and your life is forever altered . One moment of poor judgement that you can never take back.

As I stood up and looked out the window I saw what I expected to be a dead body. As I walked out I approached very slowly, as I got closer I became aware that my hands were folded in prayer, which is odd for me as I've not had religion like that in my life, but I believe the instinct must be in my DNA. 

There were two people on the bike, the man quickly indicated his leg was broken, then finally I heard the most relieving words, "oh baby" coming from the woman who was face down on the shoulder of the road, twisted, bruised and bleeding. 

Further relief arrived a moment later when a man came running letting us know that he had first aid. He asked all the right questions and promptly whipped off his shirt to address her bleeding leg. Moments later friends of the victims arrived to provide comfort and support and a few minutes later a nurse emerged. Within 15 minutes the ambulance was there and from what I've heard the couple will survive if the surgeries are successful.

After witnessing something like you can't help but think of how quickly your life can be ripped from you. Miraculously these people will most likely survive, but they'll never be the same. The gentleman's daughter has started a campaign on kick starter to help cover the costs of lost wages and bills.

As we returned home Bryan and I couldn't help but think about how quickly your life could change and the long lasting effects it could have. 

I dreamnt about car crashes all night; Bryan is considering selling his bike. 

Although we were just witnesses on the peripheral, this accident has left a scar. 

My mind keeps going to those who rushed in to provide support; the trained people who deal with situations like this on a regular basis, what strength they must have.

Today I'm grateful for all the near misses we've encountered on the road, be it animals or other vehicles. Never assume that the other drivers on the road are going to make the move you'd expect them too. Make sure to leave everyone lots of space, and for heaven's sake, don't speed. It's just not necessary.

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