a busy week

I've been quite the worker bee this week despite the unusual upsets in my emotional life - oh the joys of mercury retrograde! Even with the communication confusion that brings, I've managed to complete 5 cut-ups this week - 5! One flew out of me today after reading the words of Lady Blossom Goodchild. Holy crap, that is some crazy amazing shit - I so have my fingers crossed that it is all 100% true, oh the excitement of the idea! Look up "October 14th, 2008" or watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFyK2N4RG_o

Election and possible Alien encounter all at once, such joy!

Anyway... I had an awesome work week starting with 2 solid days of pulling weeds, digging up stones and planting bulbs... even planted a tree! That was followed by 2 solid days of cut-ups, interspersed with scarf knitting (I knit 3 scarves!)

I even managed to squeeze in a meeting about a potential animation project that pays homage to one of my teenage icons, the lovely miss Erika Lopez

I've said it before, this has been a fruitful retrograde

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