two steps forward

So far today has been about putting away all things accumulated during my 4+ years at Collideascope. It's been a lengthly transition starting really last January, wrapping up "Delilah and Julius" and "Johnny Test", with hopes of another season of Johnny starting in April. "Jolly Rabbit" dangled its carrot giving hope for a short while, enabling an ebay addiction to pass the time until start-up... but then Johnny got sent somewhere cheaper, and I went on EI because Jolly had also been delayed. The summer was amazingly carefree knowing I was going back to work come September... but then we got the news that Jolly wasn't coming anytime soon. Then the worst news to date, Collideascope was shutting its doors forever, unable to wait... poopy

So after a month of closed doors I've realized it's time for one of those paying jobs. I've actually been going through an intensely productive artistic streak. The freedom of the summer and security of employment led to so many projects. Trouble is, that's been my life for the last 5 months and I'm not sure where to go next. I don't want my artistic flow to be dammed by the constraints of a 9-5. BUT I need to make money... and when you make free public art, that can be a little difficult.

I've been asked to speak at a political science class for a local high school, and do a demonstration for an art class. Both really great opportunities. When I do become gainfully employed once again I must make sure to allot myself more personal time. I have a habit of throwing myself into work and continually postponing my art. I can't allow another drought.

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