is all about the firsts

well I did my first craft show ever, hopefully to be the first of many, on Saturday - and it was quite the satisfying experience. I was actually surprised by the constant flow of people - from the moment the doors opened right through till we left, exhausted, the giant "storecase" in tow - that place was bustling! The area in front of my table was rarely vacant. The crowds majority for the day was wholesome artsy types, with a few handfuls of punks and fellow art lovers thrown in. It was quite interesting to monitor the crowd and see who just came in for a quick boo, and those who floated for hours, revisiting tables many times. I had one young woman who visited my table 3 times, then passed a few more times, sending longing looks toward my "I think like Martha" t-shirt before finally settling on the canvas tote instead.

Overall my magnets and Miss Martha were a major hit! One girl nearly lost it when she saw my Harris poster. She's the first person so far who knew who that image was of. She actually pulled out a brilliant Harris quote of her own. (this is the best I can remember...)

"So what does Judith like for presents Harris?"
"Well Judith is a fan of the scented oils, and quality time with her man"

I threw in a few extra posters for her.

The "figureheads" booklet and calendars were also really well received. The girl at the table next to me tried on one of my wooly warmers and FELL IN LOVE! It was ironic because it was one I was never too proud of while making, the look of the light blue velvet wool never quite worked for me, but I told myself not to worry, someone would love it - how true :)

Overall I am very, very happy with the experience and have my fingers crossed that I can get on the waiting list for the fair on December 6 & 7 at the North Street Church.

Now it's time to do some research and find a few move venues to peddle my wares - wish me luck!

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