for the little fellas

This Friday my little friend Finn celebrates his first year in this world! Congratulations Finn!

I wanted to make him something special, but I was having a hard
time deciding on the perfect thing.

Last Christmas I made Finn a little stripped felted owl, a fas
t favorite, which soon became his teether.

Yesterday, after a quick stop at the Superstore, I was perusing the latest Viva magazine and came across little organic cotton vegetable teethers.

What a great idea I thought... and why not make them out of wool?

I started with a carrot, similar to the one pictured in the magazine, and moved on to make my own beans and a strawberry. I did a test soaking the berry and freezing it, to help sooth really swollen gums. So far it seems like that theory will work nicely... Finn can be the final judge!

I wanted to take a nice pic to show everyone before the sun went down and we lost the light - I'm just so excited!

Mister however was not impressed with not being the center of attention and promptly stormed my set - such a drama queen.

All my little friends, your teethers are on their way!

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