Friday the 13th - part 1

4 & 1/2 hours until Valentines... are you set?

I am :)

I had a great day preparing. I started with a trip downtown, a quick hello to my pals at Kinkos, then off to Love, Me boutique to drop off some critters, my new pin cushion rings and Valentine cards. I had a nice visit with Chara, popped into the loop for some supplies and then made my way back North to drop of my freshly printed application for the Halifax Crafters May show.

With all my important things done I enjoyed my walk home and stopped into the tackle shop to reward myself with some brightly coloured feathers.

My afternoon flew by as I worked away on Bryan's super secret Valentines present. Mister has stolen my white thread so I can't quite finish it just yet. I had to take a break from Valentines crafting and ended up finishing off a fantastic scruffy little fella upcycled from one of my most favorite vintage sweater of all time.

Overall I'd say this has been a pretty damn good Friday the 13th. Actually it's been a fantastic week - starting off with my 50 cent 1966 Francie find - the best present in the world. Getting the email about the open spot in the Valentines fair, The free cab ride to the fair from my old friend Ahmed (he had been a driver back at Pizza Hut where I worked while going through school - I hadn't seen him in ages).

Yes, definitely a great week, and I can't wait for mine and Bryan's fondue feast tomorrow. Til then I'm off to visit the neighbours and have a festive evening of our own. Nice day indeed.

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