stop wishing for bad luck and knocking on wood


erika finally got our letter, love at first type!

just goes to show if you picture hard enough, and dream with honest sincerity, your life can be exactly what you want - what you've always known it should be

we all have so much potential, the key is to go forward fearless and full of appreciation

bryan recently asked me what I picture in my head to help me go to sleep (he hitchhikes)

took me a while to realize what I resort to when I'm having trouble

I picture my happy, perfect future
my self built house constructed of odd found pieces
surrounded by gardens and nature
sunshine and laughter
joy and love

on some occasions I opt to take the Jimmy Rabbitte route and picture conversations and adventures with my idols should we meet and become friends

I've used lunch with martha and karaoke with jason schwartzman to help me enter dreamland

I picture my store
I've always pictured my store

somewhere along the line I jinxed myself and told myself not to picture and plan... it might keep it from happening - I think that came from too much thinking about boys as a teen

screw that bullshit
picture away

I'm off to bed now
and I'm going to picture my future
my future with the welfare queen herself
miss erika lopez




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