Serious Sirius - The Making Of

 I did a trade a while back with local Sculptor Kristie Sheehey and found myself creating a custom piece for someone who although we'd barely just met,  the moment I first saw her I knew we'd known each other forever.

Kristie's request was something along the lines of my A Y Jackson inspired fishing fellow. Never able to do the exact same thing twice, I started a piece inspired by the fairy I inherited from Kristie, ending up with "Bless the Water".  A lovely piece yes, but it wasn't Kristiey's piece!

Then the oil began to swell from the gulf coast, and I was overwhelmed with sadness... and started thinking even more than usual about dear mother earth.

While visiting one of my oldest friends, and updating her on the crisis, she told me of a myth that made my heart ache a bit more bearable.

Seven thousand years ago whales from Sirius made the decision to come to earth, knowing that at some point they would be sacrificed in order to save humankind from mass extinction.

I thought this the most beautiful vision and got right to work! Layering felted wool, and embellishing by needle felting, I created "Serious Sirius" - which Kristie fell in love with the moment she saw it!  Now I must wait for my new sculpture from Kristie... I wonder what she'll dream up for me?


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