April fools - now you're a Temp... no really, you are

So yesterday was April fools, and my first day as a Temp. I was so desperate for moula waiting for the rebirth of the Maritime animation industry I hit up sweet Bridgie and now I'm a Temp! At least for two days.

I was so efficient my first day that I ran out of work to do by lunch time... which in a way was great because it was gorgeous out! I went home to find my income tax return had finally arrived which sweetened the deal even more. Next I went for a little postering walk and finally bought groceries... it's been awhile.

Today I stuck it out though... and called the same 6 people repeatedly every hour or so until I'd called everyone 8 times. In between I read the first half of Flaming Iguanas - thank god that was in my purse! I made it to the Canadian John's part, one scene that has always stuck in my mind.

I can recall the first time I read that passage - wide awake from jet lag, laying on a cot at my Dad's in Vancouver when I was sixteen. I think can relate a bit more now... just maybe... I read almost half of the book that night too. That's the thing with Erika, her language is addictive.

I just got a note from Mo - and she wants me to Temp too - fun! I actually love all that secretary stuff. It's kinda nice to not be in charge and have mindless things to do that make others happy because they were really dreading doing them themselves... yep been there! It's nice to be back on the other side again, makes you appreciate just how fabulous assistants are - at least good ones. And me? I wouldn't dream of being anything but.

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