Zazzle Updates

Well I was really sad when Zazzle took off the majority of my cut-ups that I had for sale due to the fact that they featured celebrity portraits. Most upsetting because just a week before I had sold 4 of my Hoff "It's OK to suck it in" shirts. BUT, I understand the rules now and am setting up shop again.

So I've slowly started rooting through the files and finding some more personal pieces to post for sale. After my friend Chuck's request for an "It Is What IT Is" shirt I really started digging back and have manged to come up with a nice little selection of images - available in a wide variety of products...

t-shirts, ball caps, aprons, bags, stickers, cards, magnets... even skate boards - how cool is that?

everything is set so you can customize it... change your t-shirt style or colour. I love this feature, especially since it took me a wee while to get the full hang of it... so a few of the products might be better if the image was resized... things you notice along the way...

think I'm going to design some sneakers now, god I love Zazzle!

make custom gifts at Zazzle

I'm going to continue digging... the first five years of my work was all created by hand on the photocopier, so no digital files even exist. I'm going to put aside some time and archive those babies and soon enough they'll be up on Zazzle for all to enjoy... and buy!

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