Tanja and I have been trying to come up with something witty for the name of our production company. Now that we have so many projects on the go we really need to get the ball moving so we can apply for some funding. After working under the umbrella of other production companies for so long it's been really nice to have a say in creating the foundation of what we hope to be a very successful business. Our combined years of experience have really taught us what to do and WHAT NOT TO DO.

...starting with a good name, it's gotta be catchy, but also really represent us some how. That was my thinking process for the ladybug/butterfly mock-up. When we were teenagers Tanja always called me the ladybug princess, and each time I see an orange butterfly I think of her. She's also the one who sold me on the beauty of the colour orange, which grew to be one of my most favorite of colours. She's so great when it comes to bringing up alternate perspectives... oh so many ideas, who knows where we'll end up... till then I'm going to keep playing!

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