Love and Energy

I first fell in love with Ani Difranco when I was sixteen and my step-mom brought me back a cassette of Puddle Dive from a folk festival in Vancouver.

I was kinda pissed I had missed the concerts, but Dad and I were off on our Seatte adventure... we lurked outside Kurt Cobain's windows, assessed the contents of the Apollo capsule - which included Parisian Barbie, and went to the middle of nowhere and camped in a 50's motel on a beach while I blew through Flaming Iguanas and pictured my own adventures with Tomato.

Oh to be sixteen and opening the world...

I always felt I was meant to hear Ani's words though... it was like she was validating my emotions for me. I've always felt like we've been on the same page as we've gone through life.

So you can imagine my delight when I heard some of her new work on Daytrotter (another of my FAVORITE sites!) check out "The Atom"


Ani's been dealing with her anger towards the world the last few years, but with the birth of her daughter and the rediscovery of unconditional love - something we all enter into the world with but can easily loose track of - she's bringing it back to the basics and reminding everyone what it really comes down to...

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